Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Baby's "1" Today!!!!

It's truly amazing how fast time flys. My friend commented that it's a bittersweet moment and I would have to agree. He's growing so fast! The best advice is truly to enjoy every moment. It's crazy looking back at these old pictures, and feeling like it wasn't that long ago. His first year has been an eventful one filled with ups and downs, but it's all been worth it! Happy Birthday my son!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Every Story Has an Ending..........

As many of you are aware Isaac has been going in for regular CT scans to check the fluid on his brain. On his last visit in November the surgeon told us that he would probably need a shunt to drain the remaining fluid. He wanted to wait to make sure that Isaac was meeting all his milestones, but to prepare ourselves for surgery on his next visit. Monday we packed up all our things and headed to Childrens Hospital. Before we went inside David gave Isaac a blessing, in it he blessed Isaac that the fluid would be absorbed and he would return to perfect health. I have to admit that I was thinking he must be crazy for saying such things, but felt great comfort after the blessing. Our wonderful surgeon Dr. Ellengobogen looked at the latest CT scan, and was amazed to find that the body had absorbed the remaining fluid and that Isaacs brain had filled in perfectly. I wish I could describe the emotional tidal wave that ripped through my body. "Could it really be, did we really make it through this hellish nightmare". Dr. Ellenbogen rapped his arms around Isaac and I as I sobbed tears of joy and laughed when he said "I never want to see you again":). Oh me of little faith, I wish I had not doubted the strength of the Priesthood. After going through such horrible events, I can only see the blessings that our little family has been given. I just want to thank all of you again for the continued prayers, love and strength that we have recieved. We Love You All!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Highlights From Isaacs First Christmas!

Hooray for 2009! I have to admit that I'm really glad to say goodbye to 2008, although it did bring many blessings, a little less emotional trauma would be a welcome relief. One of the years greatest highlights for 2008 was Isaac's first Christmas with our Families in Utah. The pictures don't do it Justice. We had such a blast! Isaac was a champ and loved playing with his cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandmas and grandpas:) We started the week with David's family in Spanish Fork. Between Crazy lypsyncs, questionable games, and delicious food I had the opportunity to see the real side of David's family (don't worry I still love you all...haha) We also celebrated Grandpa Tomas's 29th Birthday:)), cousin Sean's baptism, and a chance to visit with the long lost uncle Brian (we miss ya man!). Isaac especially loved playing with his new buddy Grandma Tonietta:) He followed her everywhere, and his little face lit up everytime he saw her. Next it was on to my crazy family. We spent our time snowmobiling, playing the Wii, and pigging out. I also want to thank my sister for her thoughtful gift. In memory of our Nanny she gave us each a snowglobe with pictures of her and each of us, it wasn't an easy Christmas with out her. Over all the trip was amazing and it will make for some great stories to share with Isaac about his first Christmas! Love to all and Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Check Out Santas Helpers

I just love these and consider this your Christmas Card

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Can I Get Some Ketchup With That?

Tell me again why we buy kids toys? As I stated in the earlier post David and I purchased a few new toys for Isaac and he did great for the first two days. Then the next morning he played with his toys for all of about five minutes and then made the bee line straight to the recycle pile. So much for the toys, but it made for some funny shots. At least now I know he's getting plenty of fibre in his diet:)

Monday, December 8, 2008

Isaac Meets Santa....

We took a little shopping trip this last Saturday, and decided to get Isaac some early Christmas presents. I LOVE toy stores! Although most of what I wanted to get him were a little over his age range. Isaac just wanted to eat all the card board boxes and tags. While there we decided to introduce Isaac to Santa, it was the cutest thing:) I thought for sure he would freak out, but he loved him. He was smiling and laughing there were sooo many cute shots to choose from, but I just couldn't resist this one. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

FOR NANNY.......

It's hard to believe she's really gone. I recieved the call last night that my grandmother had passed away. To know her was to love her, everyone who knew her was a better person for it. She had the amazing capability to see people for who they truly were and would shower you with hugs and kisses the minute you walked through her door.

Though it was hard to leave family and friends in Utah I was blessed to spend this last year with her in washington. I will miss our lunch dates to Taco Bell (her favorite) and getting our nails done. Listening to her stories about her life and how she wished her body could've lasted as long as her mind. She did tell me that "the good angels could have their wings, this little rebel was going to walk everywhere!" (thats our Nan) The piece of advice I will take with me is "be happy Terra Marie, "be happy" life is too short for grudges or anger." Thanks to her I've had a lot of "Happy" and I know there's more to come.

I also want tell my mother how much I appreciate her love and example. From daughter to mother you gave her the very best!